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Work at home Opportunities for the Disabled

People with disabilities often feel they are useless because they have limitations. They may no longer be able to work outside of the home. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t work. There are work at home opportunities for the disabled; in fact, working from home may be the perfect way for those with disabilities to contribute to their families’ budgets.

If you do have a physical disability, you can still be a productive member of society. You can still provide a service to others, despite your physical limitations. Depending upon your disability, you can find online job opportunities to bolster your confidence as well as provide an income for you and your family.

Employers are prohibited from refusing work to those with disabilities thanks to Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act. They can not discriminate against those prospective employees based solely upon their physical ability if they are otherwise qualified for the position. Those people with disabilities include:

  • Anyone with a physical or mental impairment that limits one or more major life activities

  • Anyone who has a record of impairment

  • Anyone who is regarded as having an impairment

An employer may not be willing to change their physical building or operation, if it causes “undue hardship” on the business, in order to make it accessible for those with disabilities. They may, however, be willing to allow that employee with disabilities to work from home, or telecommute. If you have recently become disabled and have held a position with your employer, ask them if this would be possible in your situation.

If you have a computer, have or can get a fax machine, a telephone, and high speed internet access, work at home opportunities for the disabled are out there. Website design, freelance writing, virtual assistant, and bookkeeping, are just some of the possible work at home positions that a disabled person may choose. Go to your favorite search engine and look up “work at home jobs” or “work at home jobs for the disabled” and you may be surprised at the opportunities available.

Of course, you want to be sure to thoroughly research any opportunity that you find to be sure that it is not a scam. Find and visit work at home forums to verify the validity of the company. Also, avoid paying someone for a work at home opportunity, unless you are sure the company is legitimate. However, it may be more productive time wise, to just pay a small fee for access to a data base of legitimate companies that do hire people at home. This could save you a lot of research time in the end, as well minimizing your risk of being scammed too since most companies providing these services do guarantee your satisfaction.

Work from home opportunities for the disabled do exist. Consider adapting the experience you already have, to work you can do online. If that’s not possible, search the internet to find a work at home job that’s right for you and the disability you may have. You may be surprised to find that this new opportunity is better than anything you’ve done before.


posted by: HomeNetPro

7 Responses to “Work at home Opportunities for the Disabled”

  1. Dolores Robertson says:

    yes i am diabled do to degenerartive disease and have had 5 survical spine ssurery and 2 shoulder , i am depressed all the time , and my husband is working but it is not enough and i fell that i can do something to contribute and fill more self and less stress . i was in the navy 4 years and from their i was a nursing assistant for 7 years now i find my days bored and sressful .

  2. Law says:

    Excellent post, I wish I’d have found your blog earlier!

  3. chucks says:

    thanks to homenetpro for giving disable people the opportunity to work from home


  4. lisa says:

    Such interesting read and information, thanks for sharing this post.

  5. Thanks for the article. I am so happy that I didn’t dismiss my latest discovery in an online home business and move on. I decided to give it a try. Now making $750 a day!

  6. Grats for the intelligent posting. At long last,,

  7. I am looking for work from home and am glad to find this website.

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