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How to Earn Money Fast When Needed Most

Wondering How to Earn Money Fast

That feeling of “I need money NOW!” can create a panic attack when you don’t know how to get the money you need in a hurry. Here are some ideas to help you earn money fast starting today if you’re willing to work.

Become a Mechanical Turk

Sign up with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. This program allows you to complete Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) that are easy to do and earn money for each one. As soon as the task is approved by the requester, payment is deposited into your Amazon Payments account.

This is a work-from-home position that allows you to work your own hours and get paid for doing real work. Because it’s an Amazon program, you know it’s with a company you can trust so you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off. You won’t get rich, by any means, but if you have no income, it’s a good way to earn money quickly.

The work available through Mechanical Turk is computer-based and easy to do. Sample tasks are locating email addresses based on search criteria, verifying search results, transcribing podcasts, writing articles and more. The work isn’t highly paid, but it is available to do now, and you will be able to earn money fast when you need it.

Sell Some Things

This is always an excellent way to make money fast. You may have to sell your stuff for less than you might if you weren’t needing money quickly, but it’s still a good way to go. Do a household inventory and see if you have any of the following things you could sell on Craigslist, eBay or elsewhere.

Things You Can Sell Easily

• Artwork • Boats • Camping gear • CDs • Clothing • Collectibles • Craft supplies • Crafts • Draperies, curtains, bedding or linens • DVDs • Electronics • Exercise equipment • Fabric • Furniture • Household appliances • Lighting fixtures • Sporting goods • Tools • Vehicles • Vintage items • Weights

These and other items can be sold online or locally, and usually pretty fast. Just run a simple ad and let folks know you’re in a hurry to sell. You may decide you like this so well, you turn it into a full-time business from home selling stuff you find cheap at yard sales or things others give you.

Recycle Cans, Bottles, Etc.

Another way to earn money fast is by recycling. Copper, aluminum and steel cans, bottles, and even plastic in some areas can earn you a few dollars right away. If this is something you feel you can do regularly, ask friends and family members to save their recyclables for you. You can make a weekly or monthly trip to gather up the items and take them to the recycle center in your town to collect your cash.

Recycle Sign

Recycle Wooden Pallets

Another recycling opportunity is wooden pallets. Thousands of businesses use pallets every day, and many of them are glad to give them to anyone who will haul them away. If you have a pick-up truck and are willing to do the work, you can make some quick cash by collecting pallets and selling them to companies who need them.


A new type of easy money maker is who bills themselves as a “free URL shortener service with a twist.” offers a URL shortening service like or others, but they also pay you every time someone clicks on your link. They do this by showing ads to those who visit your links so you might want to warn your friends. But if you like to share links on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., it’s certainly worth registering for a free account and using the service.

Earn Money with a Metal Detector

If you have a metal detector, use it to find items that you can sell or pawn. Visit public places like a beach, park, camp ground, baseball field, old homeplace, etc. where people might have lost something. You can often find jewelry, coins and other valuable items that can make you some good money. If you don’t have a metal detector, see if you can borrow one from a friend. A lot of people own them and seldom use them. You may even find one on Freecycle.

Host a Local Auction

Auction Time

Often local auctioneers will sell your merchandise within just a few days and at a better price than you might get online. Of course, with an auction there’s no guarantee your stuff will sell, nor how much you’ll make. But if you have valuables, especially collectibles or antiques, you can call an auctioneer in your area and see what their policy is to help you sell some things quickly.

Sell Antiques, Retro or Vintage Items

In the same way, you can contact local antique stores to see if they’d be interested in your collection of old bottle caps or vintage tea cups. You won’t get full value, since the dealer has to make money, too, but if you have items that are collectible and that others would be interested in, a local shop is a good place to sell some things more quickly than you could online or by dealing directly with the buyer yourself.

Get Paid to Play Games

There are a few sites online that will pay you cash or rewards for playing games, trying out game software and competing in games online with other players. One such site is Paid Game Player where you can choose from a free or low-cost membership and start playing right away. As with other programs that let you earn money quickly, you won’t get rich, but they can add a few dollars to your bank account, especially if you’re good at winning the games you play.

Donate Plasma

Donate Plasma

Similar to the process of donating blood, donating plasma is quick and relatively painless. While you can’t “sell” your plasma, you can donate to an agency that pays you for your time. You have to be health, between specific ages, weigh at least a certain amount and only donate it a couple times a week. But some places pay up to $30 or more for each donation, so if you need a small amount of money quickly, it’s worth a shot. Unless you faint at the sight of blood, that is.

Ready to Start Earning Money Fast?

There are many ways to earn some money fast. While all of them may not fit everyone’s temperament or needs, there is usually something you can do if you’re in a bind for cash. These and other ideas can help get you through a rough financial spot until you’re able to get on your feet a bit better. And some of them could be used to create a profitable home based business that earns you money on a regular basis if you’re so inclined.


posted by: HomeNetPro

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  1. Earning money online is not a problem at all, but earning money fast is somehow a challenge. Indeed, there are many opportunities online from which you can choose, and how you can earn fast would not just depend on these opportunities, but primarily with you.

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