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Top 10 MLM Companies to Join

Top Ten MLM Companies

If you’re looking for a new business, or a way to earn money through both sales and recruiting your friends, Multi-Level Marketing or MLM is the way to go. While there are still some folks who confuse MLM with illegal pyramid schemes, most people today realize that legitimate MLM companies are easily available and have learned to tell the difference. The idea behind realistic and legitimate MLM businesses is that you DO make money by recruiting others, but you also make money by selling products. That’s why it’s important to choose a company whose products people will buy.

Quality Is Key

Unlike pyramid schemes that focus solely on recruiting with little hope of making money in other ways, the top MLM companies, and any good one for that matter, will offer quality products and services that have built the business on their own. The joy of earning money from recruiting others and getting a percentage of your recruits’ profits is just a bonus. But a great way to earn extra cash!

Top 10 MLM companies to join based on annual sales and revenue:

1. Avon

MLM with Avon

Being the oldest MLM, or direct sales company there is, it stands to reason that Avon is also the number one company. With a mere $10 joining fee, and a product line that is known internationally, Avon is truly a popular choice for anyone who wants to earn money selling products as well as by building a team of other recruits.

Because the Avon product line is so diverse, including items like world-famous cosmetics, fragrances, women and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories, home decor, holiday accents and much more, the company interests a huge number of people with varying interests for selling.

2. Melaleuca

MLM with Melaleuca

Another long-standing leader in the world of MLM, Melaleuca offers a diverse product line that features a variety of quality cleaning and personal care products for consumers. For the last 25 years Melaleuca has built a solid business with a focus on nontoxic, concentrated cleaners made from the best of natural and scientifically advanced ingredients.

While the business can be built strictly on product sales, adding recruitment incentives and residual income that comes from team building makes this a powerful opportunity for MLM enthusiasts.

3. Herbalife International

MLM with Herbalife

You may remember Herbalife from the early ’80’s when herbal weight loss first began its rise to popularity. While the company lost some of its in-your-face presence for a few years, they’ve never gone away. And are, in fact, much stronger now with the resurgence of natural and organic vitamins and weight loss products.

Herbalife also places a strong emphasis on doing good through their support of the Herbalife Family Foundation and Casa Herbalife program, designed to help fund non-profit organizations that meet the needs of at-risk children the world over.

4. Mary Kay Cosmetics

MLM with Mary Kay

With a name and reputation that’s probably as well known as any in the MLM market, Mary Kay Cosmetics continues to consistently remain in the top 10 MLM companies. By offering women the chance to create their own individualized plan for success, Mary Kay offers a variety of quality incentives for both sales volume and recruitment, only one of which is their legendary pink Cadillac for company leadership achievement.

5. Primerica

MLM With Primerica

Since 1977, Primerica has been helping people to acquire affordable term life insurance for their families in an effort to help them provide for their own and their children’s future. Their motto, “Buy Term and Invest the Differenceā€¯ is the basis for their financial planning philosophy aimed at reaching consumers who have a desire to not only invest in their future, but to build a solid MLM business in the process. With a ranking of fifth highest MLM company to join, it’s obvious they’re doing something that works.

6. Pampered Chef

MLM With The Pampered Chef

First seen as a home party plan company, Pampered Chef became best known for their home shows where representatives would prepare a simple meal or snack for party guests while demonstrating Pampered Chef products. Today, like many other MLM companies, Pampered Chef also focuses on recruitment, but their top-of-the-line kitchen gadgets and cooking line are still popular among homemakers worldwide, which makes them an excellent MLM opportunity for entrepreneurs.

7. Zeek Rewards

MLM With Zeek Rewards

If you’re like me, you may have never even heard of Zeek Rewards. But at number 7 on the MLM opportunities scale, it’s a company you certainly want to learn more about. Zeek Rewards is the MLM division of, a popular penny auction site that’s increasing in rank every week.

Through Zeek Rewards, members buy and sell bid packs that earn them commissions on every one sold. Each bid packs contains a specific number of bids to be used in a variety of auctions hosted on Zeekler. These range from low-cost Penny Auctions, to more advanced VIP Auctions with a variety of other auction types in between. Not only do members earn the opportunity to buy products at steep discounts through the auctions themselves, but they also earn by selling bid packs and recruiting other members.

8. Thirty-One

MLM With Thirty-One

Another new member to the MLM marketplace, Thirty-One Gifts, founded in 2003 by a WAHM who wanted to provide a shopping experience for women who didn’t have the time to shop, Thirty-One is an increasingly popular MLM opportunity, especially for women. With a variety of products such as purses, totes, thermal bags and more, consultants earn money through catalog sales, home and online parties, and by recruiting others to sell as well.

9. Amway

MLM With Amway

While there has been a lot of controversy around the company’s sales methods and accusations that Amway is nothing more than a pyramid scheme, Amway has risen above the criticism to prove itself a viable opportunity for direct sales enthusiasts. With a leading product line that includes health and beauty products, vitamins and home care items, Amway is still a leader in the MLM industry.

10. Scentsy

MLM With Scentsy

With the rise in popularity of scented candles and home fragrances, it’s no wonder that at least one of the top 10 MLM companies should include a business that sells candles and related accessories. Scentsy is that company. Through its popular product line that includes highly scented wick-less candles and a number of decorative ceramic warmers, Scentsy products are sold in a number of ways like other direct sales products. These may include home and online parties, catalog sales and more. Consultants also earn by recruiting others to their team which is what makes them a true multi-level marketing opportunity.

Starting Your Journey to MLM Success

The variety of available MLM opportunities is astounding and much more diverse as you go beyond even these top 10 MLM companies to the hundreds of other possibilities. If you’re looking for a company that will allow you to earn money selling products and at the same time earn residual income and rewards for recruiting others, MLM is the way to go. And these top 10 MLM companies are a good place to begin your search for just the right opportunity to meet your personal needs and goals.


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