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A Review of Strong Future International (SFI)

Strong Future International (SFI) - Reviewed

Are you considering joining Strong Future International (SFI) but need to know if it is worth your while? This in-depth review will help you make a more informed decision…

What Is Strong Future International (SFI)?

SFI is an MLM business that started way back in 1998 as Six Figure Income. It started with just one product but now boasts of more than 54 thousand different products available in most countries of the world. It has since changed its name to Strong Future International and also owns the internet superstore: Tripleclicks.

How Can You Make Money With SFI?

Since you are obviously reading this review because you want to find out if you can make money legitimately with this networking business, I will take you through the many different ways SFI members actually make money. This will help you decide if it is something you can do or not. Here they are…

1. Direct Commissions

Direct Commissions from SFI

The first way to make money with SFI is through their direct sales program. This refers to the 45% of the commission volume you make every time affiliates whom you referred buy something at TripleClicks. It also applies to TripleClicks members that were referred by you.

But what do they mean by commission volume? This refers to the maximum profit margin possible with a product or service. This is the difference between the wholesale cost of such a product and its selling price at TripleClicks. So if the wholesale or base cost of a product is $200 and it is sold for $300 at TripleClicks, the commission value or CV would be $100. So the affiliate gets 45% of $100 or $45.

What I find interesting about earning from your referrals with SFI is that you keep earning from whatever they buy for as long as they remain members. That’s for life!

Furthermore, affiliates don’t have to worry about fulfilling orders. Their work is just to send over referrals. The system takes care of fulfilling orders and every other thing associated with the payment processing.

2. TripleClicks Executive Pool

TripleClicks Executive Pool

SFI has an executive pool where they put 40% of the commission volume (profit margin) of every product sold at TripleClicks. Every affiliate who reaches the “Executive Affiliate” level within each month is eligible to share in this executive pool.

However, what share of the pool you get depends on how many versa points you accumulate in a given month. These are known within SFI as VersaPoints. These points are given for the completion of a number of different activities. You can even earn these points just by bidding on products being sold on TripleClicks.

One thing I must point out is that you’ll earn more shares the higher up the ladder you are. For example, a Platinum Team Leader will get many more VersaPoints than a Bronze Team Leader. This is their way of rewarding hard working members of their network.

3. Co-Sponsor Commissions

Co-Sponsor Commissions

While regular affiliates get only direct commissions on products sold at TripleClicks, executive affiliates have an additional opportunity to earn more. They get paid 15% of the commission value for every purchase made by any affiliate they co-sponsor. This means that for a product that has a profit margin of $100, such a person gets 15% as co-sponsor commissions.

Please, take note of the fact that this commission does NOT override other commissions. They all run simultaneously provided you meet SFI’s eligibility requirements.

4. TCredit Bonus

T-Credit Bonuses

This is a special bonus that is available only to SFI affiliates who have maintained a minimum of “Executive Affiliate” status for two or more months. The higher your level, the bigger the TCredit bonus you get each month.

TCredits are sold at $1.99 per unit, or in packs of 10, 20, 50, and 200. These are useful if you want to enjoy the full benefits of your TripleClicks membership or intend to build up your SFI business.

5. ECA Referral Program

E-Commerce Associates Program

Affiliates who are at “Executive Affiliate” level or higher can refer companies to sell their products on TripleClicks. This is known as their Ecommerce Associates Program (ECA). Once any such referrals are approved, the affiliate gets a 10% commission for every product sold by that company on TripleClicks for life.

For example, if a merchant referred by X-Affiliate sells a total of 3,000 units of their products in a month and each gives TripleClicks a profit margin (or commission value) of $25 per sale then that means the total commission value generated by that merchant’s sales is 3,000 X $25 = $75,000. The referring affiliate gets 10% of that amount or $7,500!

6. SFI Pay-Per-Action

SFI Pay Per Action

SFI offer’s many supplemental ways of making money with their TripleClicks network but in addition, they also offer two separate actions that are available at the time of writing this review (SFI promises to roll out more in the future). Any SFI affiliate can earn up to $11 for any referral they send who signs up. The other action is referring people to sign up with TripleClicks. This yields $5 per sign up.

What Are The Weak Points Of This Network

SFI's Weak Points

1. The odds are stacked in favor of the seasoned internet marketer. Every affiliate can have their replicated site up in less than no time and this means that those who are more experienced in the game can differentiate more easily and so attract more qualified leads. But in fairness to the network, there’s NO shortage of training for anyone who’s motivated to acquire the necessary skills to get the job done.

2. The free sign up makes many people NOT invest the energy necessary to make it work. This makes for a very poor affiliate retention rate. Many people get the leverage necessary to produce results when they actually pay money to join a network.

What Are The Positive Points Of The SFI Network?

SFI Positive Points

Anyone who takes the time to study this network and its e-commerce platform (TripleClicks) will tell you a number of points that are stacked in favor of this network. Here are some…

1. Sign up is totally free. You don’t have to pay to become a member. This is definitely going to be very attractive to people who do NOT have so much money to start up an online business.

2. They have a very good compensation plan. So you can invest your time in the knowledge that it would be well worth it.

3. You can earn as quickly as you are willing to start working.

4. They provide very detailed training (free of charge) so you don’t have to figure things out all by yourself. The internet is full of a lot of distracting voices. It is definitely an advantage to have clear guidance from people who are interested in your success.

5. It gives a good opportunity for you to create residual income. That’s one sure way to build wealth: Work once and get paid for it over and over.

6. You determine how much or little you make. The system obviously gives you bigger rewards if you work harder and smarter.

7. Getting paid is very easy. You can even choose to get your money via Payoneer MasterCard.

My Conclusion…

While many people can stand outside and say a lot of unsubstantiated trash about this SFI network (Strong Future International), it is definitely an opportunity to make money from home. It’s just that it requires your brain, motivation and hard work like every other legitimate system for building wealth.

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posted by: HomeNetPro

One Response to “A Review of Strong Future International (SFI)”

  1. Corrisa says:

    The biggest plus of SFI is that it’s free. The biggest negative is that SFI is free.

    You do get a lot of tire kickers because it’s a free biz opp. So you do have to do a lot of sorting or use a system to do it for you.

    For anyone who’s on a budget or in a low income country, this is a perfect business opportunity.

    Good article on SFI that brings out the important points.

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