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Top 10 Sites for Contracting or Finding Freelance Work


Ever wonder which freelance sites do the best job when it comes to helping you contract or find freelance work online? It is of great importance to take precautionary measures by researching the best freelance sites, before signing up.

No matter if you’re a freelance worker or an employee looking for freelance workers, doing some due diligence can certainly save you some time and money, later on down the road.

There are many freelance websites willing to tap your talent and give you an opportunity to earn good money from the comfort of your own home. And in the same respect, if your looking for talent, there are sites that can supersede your expectations. On that note, we are going to briefly review the top ten freelance sites in ascending order of popularity.

This will give you a true picture of what to expect once you register with each of them. It’s our sincere hope that you’ll find this top 10 review useful in your quest to find your perfect source of income or contract employee, part time or full time.

Top Ten Freelance Sites in Ascending Order of Popularity

10. Freelancer Website Preview normally has thousands of jobs posted on a daily basis. You can bid on programming, writing, marketing or any other freelance roles that you feel you are good at. The registration process is quite easy and you can start working as soon as after your application is approved. You don’t have to deposit any money to start bidding but you’ll have to part with 10% or $5 for any payments received via the site.

With Freelancer you can receive your payment through Moneybookers, wire transfer, PayPal or via the Freelancer debit card. Home to around 3 million freelancers, this site provides you with a fantastic chance to put your talent to good use and at the same time, make some money.

On the downside however, if you don’t like congested websites, you might have difficulties using this one. The site’s layout and the huge number of jobs that are normally lined up are squarely to blame for this scenario. Apart from experiencing difficulties while navigating through the site, you may also be turned off by its intuitive nature.

The process of hiring workers is also a bit complicated and you might just find yourself missing out on some bids that you would have been well placed to handle.

9. Fiverr Website Preview is number nine in our review of the top ten freelance sites. Fiverr is a huge online marketplace for small gigs that retail from around $5. If you have an amazing talent, idea, experience or anything else that you feel can attract a buyer, this is the right place for you.

On the other hand if you are looking for services that are difficult to find anywhere on the globe, this is the only site to try your luck. The site has thousands of gigs posted on a daily basis from millions of creative freelancers who are categorized in 3 different levels, based on several aspects.

On the downside however if you are a freelancer, you’ll have to part with 20% of your earnings. This is a huge proportion especially considering the amount of effort invested towards delivering goods or services to clients.

Another issue that makes this site a bit hostile to use is the fact that it can be changed at any time without notifying the users. Some users have also complained of their accounts being banned without any explanation.

8. Rent-A-Coder

Rent-a-Coder Website is another of the top ten freelance sites that often goes unnoticed despite its growing popularity. Once you register for an account here, you’ll access a huge number of jobs that are normally filtered based on skills e.g SEO writing, virtual assistance jobs etc. (You have to fill a particular section of the application form with details of your experience).

You can start bidding as soon as your account is confirmed; you don’t have to pay a single cent for this. However, once your work is approved, a certain amount (around 15%) will be deducted from your earnings as service fee.

7. Amazon Mechanical Turk or mTurk Website Preview is one of the most reputed websites for both contracting and locating freelance work. Developed by Amazon, this fantastic online workplace offers a superb opportunity for freelance workers to exercise their passion, through a friendly user interface.

Apart from being a wonderful meeting point for prospective buyers and sellers, mTurk has established its position as one of the fastest growing websites for both getting freelance work and finding freelance workers.

However, low pay and fraudulent HITS are a few of the qualms that lower mTurk’s ranking.

6. PeoplePerHour Website Preview was started in 2008 and it is known to offer free membership as well as paid membership opportunities for Standard, Gold and Platinum plans. At this site, you can bid for a number of projects depending on your membership plan.

If you want to get the good projects, you will need to invest in a Platinum or Gold membership. Plus, with a profile system that allows you to rise up amongst the best based on what they call “economic activity/month”, you can become popular really fast.

This growing site has its fair share of challenges. As a beginner, you might find it a bit difficult understanding some of its aspects. However, with the site’s developers frequently introducing new features, you can definitely expect the site to rank higher among the top ten freelance sites in a few years time. Bottom line; this is a site worth your attention.

5. 99Designs Website Preview

As the name suggests, is a design-oriented freelance website. Here, buyers post different types of contests such as page designing or logo designing. Freelancers need to post their best work. The person with the winning design usually bags lots of cash.

Although at first this may appear a bit time consuming, the site offers a good opportunity for people who want to put their talent into good use.  Payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

As a new freelancer, you may find it a bit risky displaying your samples to people who may be after duplicating your ideas for no pay. However, if you are a good designer, you can earn good money here. 99 Designs could have ranked higher in our top ten list of freelance sites if it wasn’t for this tiny loophole.

4. Project4hire Website Preview is a fantastic place to start your online freelancing career. This site offers a plethora of opportunities for freelancers ranging from web development jobs, language translation assignments and content writing to multiple other fields that require specialized skills and talent.

If you are a requester, you’ll have every reason to smile upon receiving high quality services at this site from a team of talented individuals who come from the US, UK, Canada, India and Easter Europe.

Since its establishment, the site has received positive feedback from its users. However, there have been some rare, but minor, issues that have emerged in the recent past that have ranked it as the number four freelance site on our list.

3. Guru Website Preview is one of the largest freelance websites that has been around since the 1990s. With almost fifteen years in operation, this site has proven to be among the best, especially due to its easy-to-use and attractive design that has allowed millions of freelance workers to interact with prospective buyers in a friendly environment. One can doubtlessly conclude that this is a secure place for anyone seeking to get full value of their money and services.

As regards to disadvantages, one may point out the high fees charged for services offered here. In addition, many buyers are unrated and thus judging their past becomes difficult. However, with more and more features being introduced to improve the overall user experience, you can only expect to see this freelance site topping different top ten lists in the near future.

2. oDesk Website Preview

Quality-wise, is one of the best freelance sites today. Since 2009, the site has grown rapidly and this has seen the number of jobs posted here grow steadily in almost all fields. Once you you’ve registered with the site (free), you’ll be able to access jobs within your category of skills.

This site charges a mere 10% for all payments made via its system which is a good rate, especially considering the high availability of jobs. The site also offers a good and secure avenue for buyers seeking to get good value for their money.

One of the main areas that we found worth some improvement is the statistics section of the website, where frequent updates would go a long way towards creating a complete user experience. Otherwise, this would have been the best site on our top ten list  of freelance sites.

1. Elance Website Preview

Topping our list of the top ten freelance sites is the UK based website Elance is a global database of jobs. Anyone can work here as long as they posses relevant skills. So far there are more than 1.5 million registered buyers who post more than 60 thousand jobs per month.

Due to the huge availability of jobs and options, one can make lots of money without having to leave their home. Apart from being suitable to millions of freelance workers, this wonderful site is an excellent place where buyers can get quality services at reasonable prices.

We found very few demerits associated with this site. In fact most of the issues that we came across can easily be dealt with by carefully reading the sites terms and conditions section. We can emphatically conclude that Elance is so far the best freelance site online!

In summary, from this list of top ten sites for contracting and finding freelance work, you can choose your favorite and start making money OR hiring your dream team at once. Hopeful as we are, you’ll make an informed decision after weighing the merits and demerits of each site listed above. All the best!


posted by: HomeNetPro

5 Responses to “Top 10 Sites for Contracting or Finding Freelance Work”

  1. Linda says:

    I am getting very good information on your website. I really appreciate the legit jobs.

  2. HomeNetPro says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thank you very much, I’m certainly glad to know that :)

    Good luck in all your endeavors!

    Take Care,

  3. Michael Schinella says:

    Fiverr and odesk are definitely fan favorites. Good comprehensive review. I always love finding new resources to utilize.

  4. HomeNetPro says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your comment and I’m certainly glad to know you you liked it!

    Take Care,

  5. Krupa says:

    I am getting very good information on your website. I really appreciate the legit jobs.

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