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Entering the World of Affiliate Marketing

Enter the World of Affiliate Marketing

Is affiliate marketing dead? Not even close! AffStat, which helps determine the benchmarks for affiliate marketing, has more than 1,000 members. In Clickbank, more than 100,000 affiliate marketers have signed up to take advantage of one of the biggest directories in the world.

Indeed, affiliate marketing is still very much alive and stable despite the intense competition from other e-commerce solutions including direct Internet selling and several blogging-for-money options. Yes surely there is room for you, but only if you know how to play your cards right and that’s what I’m going to show you how to do here.

How Does It Work?

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Over the course of this article, you will often hear the term “affiliate marketing.” In fact, you already read it a couple of times in the previous paragraphs. To make sure that you will appreciate it more and to avoid ambiguity, let me properly define it first.

Affiliate marketing refers to the process of promoting other peoples products and/or services as an affiliated marketer on the Internet. On the other hand, affiliate products and/or services are those that are currently offered by other companies through what’s known as “Affiliate Programs“.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

There are no perfect systems, and even affiliate marketing has its own defects. Knowing them can help you decide if this is the online business you want to do.

Perhaps a big issue in the industry is saturation. Hundreds of thousands of people have gone into affiliate marketing, which means you’re up against a lot of competitors. The ability to distinguish yourself and stand out has never been clearly emphasized until now.

Marketing may still mean spending a good amount of money. After all, you need to register a domain namebuild a website, or start a blog and perhaps learn PPC, banners and/or other paid marketing methods. Affiliate marketing success also doesn’t happen overnight, and unfortunately for some it may never happen at all.

If you don’t choose your affiliate network correctly, you may end up one of the many who have been bitten by scammers. These are usually businesses that don’t pay their affiliate partners their deserved commission by scamming them out of it in one way or another. However, we have used all of the ones listed here and know they are legit.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

One of the biggest advantages of affiliate marketing is that the idea is very simple and thus easy to follow. Seriously, what’s so hard about promoting other people’s products? A lot of people have been doing it even before the Internet boom (think of the door-to-door salesperson). Plus you don’t need to maintain your own inventory either. Inventory refers to the items that you have to physically store somewhere for re-sale, and that in itself is already a huge cost for any start-up business. Besides, inventory means you have to buy the items before you can re-sell them. There’s a huge risk of not recouping your investment.

Support for affiliate marketing is extremely strong, perhaps because it has been around for a very long time. You can now download comprehensive reports, case studies, blogs, books, and journals to help you on your journey. There are also highly knowledgeable super-affiliates who can act as your mentors.

Affiliate marketing can certainly make you rich; hundreds are already earning six-figure incomes. As long as you strategize properly, you’ll be one of them. There are also multiple ways you can learn how to earn affiliate income. Aside from commission, you may enjoy referral bonuses every time you recommend someone to the program. You can also earn more money if the people you recommend sign up and start earning.

Steps to Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

1. Look for products and/or services to offer. There are already many websites that help you search for good items. I already mentioned Clickbank. Another fantastic option is Commission Junction. These websites already have thousands for you to choose from.

2. Sign up. If you are ready to do some affiliate marketing, you can then sign up to any of these services to get access on certain marketing materials provided by your potential affiliate marketer. You can also get details like how much commission you will get and the overall description of the product.

3. Get your affiliate link. Choose the product you want to sell, then generate your referral link. This is the link that you’re going to use for promotion.

4. Start marketing. Don’t forget to include your link in all your marketing materials. If one of your readers or prospects are interested in what you’re offering, he/she will click on your affiliate link. Subsequently, he/she will be brought to the company’s main e-commerce page. If they buy through your link, you can enjoy your commission.

Best Tips for Being Successful

1. Create an affiliate marketing plan. Doing any kind of business without a master business plan is like sailing or hiking in an unknown mountain without a compass. You’ll surely get lost or scared and go back to where you came from, which is “9 to 5”, living paycheck to paycheck job.

When crafting your plan, determine the following:

Get a Marketing Plan
  • The best niche markets to get into
  • Sources of products/services
  • Commission
  • Promotion methods
  • Promotion schedule
  • Potential earnings over a period of time

2. Limit your niches to 1 or 2. In affiliate marketing, you’re not bound to any kind of limitations. You can sell as many as hundreds of categories, which a lot of super affiliates are doing. But you’re new and trying to figure out how everything works. Dealing with so many is surely going to overwhelm you, and you’ll instantly lose your focus. Start with at most two, use them for testing, and once you found the best system, replicate the strategy to your other affiliate products.

3. Diversify your strategies. Though PPC and other paid options give the fastest results in terms of profits and traffic, you need to compensate them with organic ones (or those that hardly require money) such as blogs, message boards, as well as social media marketing. You also have to do search engine optimization. The organic strategies can be your long-term solutions.

4. Be careful with the gurus. Online you’ll find hundreds of “gurus.” These are people who claim they have the secret formula or the winning affiliate system. Be cautious when listening to them. A number are just one-hit wonders. Just because they’ve succeeded in one affiliate niche doesn’t mean they already have all the answers to the business. Review the system they offer and research their past affiliate records and other online businesses.

5. Build a page. There are a couple of web pages you need to create to be very successful in affiliate marketing. One is a landing or opt-in page. It’s usually a one-page website that allows you to convert your readers to leads by persuading them to sign up to your autoresponder. It’s easier to nurture people who are already part of your network. Moreover, more often than not, those who sign up are individuals who show a high level of interest to what you’re offering.

You also need a website-and a very good one at that. Another option is starting a blog where you can further interact with prospects or leads.

6. Be realistic with your expectations. Don’t be easily disheartened if the commissions come in trickles at first. In fact, it may take around 6 months to a year before you can finally feel the effects of good marketing. Again, you have to remember that you have hundreds of competitors, and some of them already have a steady following. Nevertheless, if you simply follow the steps I mentioned above, especially the diversification of your advertising methods, soon you’ll find the figures go up.

7. Treat Affiliate Marketing like any other business. Bring all your attention to promotions, market every day, understand what and to whom you’re selling, keep track of your profits, and expand once you’re ready. As they say, if you want something badly, you need to work very hard for it. After all, in reality, affiliate marketing is no joke.

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The Secrets of Successful Affiliate Marketing

The Secrets of Successful Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest, proven ways to make money online. There’s no need to develop your own products, no need to provide time-consuming services, and no need to invest a penny except in marketing. What could be better? But because it has been around for so long, and so many people use this method of Internet marketing, the chance for success may not be as good as with other business models.

That’s why it’s important to learn all you can about successful affiliate marketing and how to truly make it work for you. You can do it. You just have to know how. Here are some “secrets” that can help…

Little Known Secrets

One of the first secrets to successful affiliate marketing is that you have to market the products you choose. Wow. What a concept. But so many people go to ClickBank, choose the first six or eight products that pop up on the screen. Copy the links to their websites. Then sit back and wait for the money to roll in. I hate to tell you, but that’s probably not going to happen.

Successful affiliate marketing – the kind where you actually make money – requires marketing efforts just like any other business model. (Hope that didn’t blow your dream ship of Internet wishes right out of the water.) See… that’s the secret that few people understand. People want to make money with affiliate marketing, but they don’t treat it like a business. Yet, those who do are making good money promoting affiliate products.

Where to Start

Start Here

To begin, you’ll really need a website or blog of your own. Sure, you can manage without it, but you’ll have better success if you have your own site where you can post reviews, articles, and yes, ads for your affiliate programs and products. A blog is ideal since Google indexes blog posts almost immediately. Though your own domain name and hosting account is best. You can also update a blog quickly and easily, even if you have no experience in HTML or website design.

Choose Content

Once you have a site, let’s say you go with a blog, then you need to add some content. Choose a niche that you want to go with and start adding articles about that niche. Let’s say you go with dating as your theme (a very popular niche, by the way). You can add posts about where to meet other singles, how to determine if a woman is interested, where to go on a first date and more. Fill it with content that will attract people who are interested in dating.

Choose Products

Start Picking Products to Promote

Now you can begin to add product reviews on ebooks, books, CDs, DVDs, videos, webinars, ecourses and more that relate to dating. You can search ClickBank and find tons of products. (A recent search for products related to dating in the Marketplace resulted in 2,879 items.) This is really a popular niche.

Go through the products. Don’t choose the first one you see, unless it sounds like it’s truly valuable. If possible, buy a couple of the items for sale, write realistic reviews on them. Don’t just post a bunch of fluff. Offer real content. You’ll have much better results and build a much stronger following for your dating site if you do.

Ad Space

Add Banners or Buttons Into Your Ad Space

Add banners or buttons for some of the products you find to the sidebars on your blog. Write reviews and include links to the product you’re reviewing. Do “Top 10” posts about affiliate products in your niche and link to each one. Read other reviews about the products you’re promoting and see what other affiliate marketers are saying.

Avoid the controversial products that get a lot of bad press. Those aren’t worth your time when you’re trying to build a successful business with affiliate products. Instead, choose those that buyers like and recommend. You’ll find plenty. Especially in a large niche like dating.

Be Different to Stand Out

Even if you go with something that many other marketers are promoting, make your marketing efforts a bit different. BUY the product. (Few marketers actually do.) That way you can give an honest review and know what you’re talking about. Or build a site around just one or two products rather than dozens. Either way, find something original that you can focus your affiliate marketing efforts on and promote that. Write original content (or hire a writer) and do your best to stand out above the crowd of Internet marketers.

Promotion and Marketing

Promotion and Marketing Strategy

After you’ve added content and added products, it’s time to seriously promote your site. This is where the marketing aspect of affiliate marketing comes in. Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and  other social media sites to let people know about your new site and your products.

On Your Blog

Continue to write informative articles and blog posts about your niche and about new products as you find them. Don’t write sales letters! Instead, write information that your target audience is looking for and then weave your products naturally into the content. It takes finesse, but learning to do it, or hiring someone who can, is a huge part of successful affiliate marketing – or any kind of online marketing, for that matter.

Do’s and Don’ts

The thing about affiliate marketing is that you have to treat the products you’re promoting just like you would any products you create yourself. You wouldn’t just throw up a link to a book you wrote, or make one little announcement about your newest ebook and then let it go. Instead, you’d continuously work to get the word out through press releases, ads, articles and more. You’d learn all you could about marketing and you’d use what you learn to market your products.

Do the same thing with affiliate products; market them. Promote them. Advertise them. That’s what will make the difference in successful affiliate marketing versus calling yourself an affiliate marketer but never making money with the online business.

You’re Ready

Now You're Ready

The “secrets” of successful affiliate marketing are no different than the secrets of success in any other business. Find a product or a product line you believe in. Create a website or a blog and offer information about that product. Provide quality content that relates to that product. Then work to get the word out continually. Following these tips will have you making more money with affiliate marketing than you would ever have imagined and before you know it, people will be asking you for your secrets to successful affiliate marketing. And you’ll know what to say.

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Day Job Killer – Is It A Scam Or Is It For Real?

day job killer

There are many programs like Day Job Killer online that claim to be able to help you earn as much as you want selling a variety of products or services. Some of them are certainly legitimate and can make you money. Others are scams and the only money they make for anyone is the person who created them. The key is to determine if a program is real or a scam. Today, let’s look at this Day Job Killer and evaluate it for ourselves.

The Day Job Killer Website

The Day Job Killer website promises that they can show you a secret niche that will allow you to make thousands in profit. The Day Job Killer site owners attest to making good money themselves. That sounds inviting, but is it real? Can you do that with the program if you try?

About Day Job Killer Testimonies

Day Job Killer offers testimonies from others who have used this course to make money. That’s a good sign to start with. There is also the promise that a full year has been spent in discovering the truths shared in the Day Job Killer course. That’s another good sign, since the authors has taken the time to research and personally use the strategies and techniques shown.

The Day Job Killer Course

The Day Job Killer course will teach you AdWords techniques that people in the top one percent of successful Google advertisers use. These tips that the Day Job Killer can take your marketing efforts from zero to the top in much less time than you can do it on your own without some inside knowledge and help.

day job killer

With Day Job Killer you’ll also learn affiliate marketing ideas that the gurus use. There are people who truly make a six figure income selling products that they never touch, and likely never even see. The Day Job Killer course can show you how to do the very same thing, step-by-step, to create your own profitable business online.

If you’ve been one of the 99 percent of affiliate marketers who never earn a penny in profit, you’re probably ready for some real information that can truly help you change your life. Of course, even a system such as Day Job Killer will require you to work for your success. It won’t come without effort. But knowing where to put your efforts instead of wasting untold hours upon hours of your time is important. And the Day Job Killer course can teach you that.

The Day Job Killer Isn’t For Everyone

While some people may say that Day Job Killer is only a scam, there are many others who know that this course is what it claims. It can teach you what you need to make money online. It can show you how to rise above the crowd of Internet marketers who fail every day. And it can help you change your life for the better. The question is, are you willing to try it and expend the effort required? If so, you’re going to be surprised at what the Day Job Killer course will do for you.

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