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Online Paid Surveys

Please Read this Entire Page to Fully Understand What Online Paid Surveys and Focus Groups Really are. Our Goal Here is to Help You Get Paid to Take Surveys Online, from the Comfort of Your Home.

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Paid Surveys at HomeThe truth about online paid surveys is YES, you can get paid to take surveys online via check and multiple forms of electronic payment transfer but NO, you won't get rich (at least not overnight or in the beginning). Now I'm not saying you can't eventually earn a substantial income by taking online paid surveys and participating in focus groups (more on this below) but please don't expect it to happen instantly or overnight. How's that for honesty?

Online paid surveys are certainly abundant. However, the amount you will actually earn by filling them out, depends entirely upon your own personal situation. By this, I mean that the companies paying people to take surveys are looking for certain types of people; of certain ages, genders, with certain interest and that live in a particular part of the world, for each project they are hired to obtain consumer feedback for.

Therefore you won't be a good match for every single cash paid survey available. However, the way you get around this is by signing up with as many companies as you possibly can, that offer surveys for cash payment. This will broaden your chances of receiving a steady flow of surveys. This is KEY to getting paid serious money for taking surveys from home, part time.

Like most all work from home opportunities, the more effort you put into locating and taking these surveys online, the more you can expect to get out of them. I'm almost certain that if you apply what I'm going to teach you here and get heavily involved, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can actually get paid to take surveys online, either part time or possibly even replace your full time income. Keep reading and I'll explain how to use paid surveys and focus groups to your full advantage.

How is it Possible to Earn Cash Taking Online Paid Surveys?

Companies Hire Research Firms for Data

Big corporations like Wal-Mart™, Nike™ and eBay™ hire companies to do market research for them obtaining consumer feedback on the products and services they produce and sell. This helps them insure they are not wasting their time and money developing or trying to market useless products and services nobody wants to buy.

This is where paid surveys come in. These survey companies in return are willing to pass on a portion of that money to people like you and me, in exchange for an honest opinion through an online paid survey. This is how it's possible for you to get paid to take surveys online from the comfort of your home.

Why do Some So-Called "Paid Survey Sites" Charge a Fee to Join and Are They a Scam?

No Scams

Research companies (often referred to as free paid surveys) are the ones that actually pay people to take online paid surveys. Therefore legitimate research companies are free to join and will never charge you a membership fee. You're probably thinking well, I've seen these so-called "paid survey sites" that want me to pay $30 or so to join. What are they and are they a scam?

I like to refer to those companies as paid survey - membership sites and yes, unfortunately some of them are scams but no, not all of them. Some do provide a very legitimate service and can actually save you a tremendous amount of time and effort. Please keep reading to learn more...

One example of a legitimate membership site is Get Cash for Surveys. This site does charge a small one-time fee to join. However, if you're like me and value you're time as much as I do, you don't want to spend countless hours searching online for legitimate research companies. Then when you finally locate what you think is a good one and almost get through the signup process, you realize you see the signs of a scam IF you're lucky! I don't know about you but I hate wasting my time like this and taking unnecessary risks.

After all, time is money right? It's something we can never get more of in this world and should be highly valued. It can be very frustrating trying to do the proper research on your own, weed out all the scam sites and finally locate enough real companies to maintain a steady flow of these online paid surveys.

Maintaining a steady flow of cash paid surveys is VITAL to creating a consistent, reliable income from taking surveys over the Internet. That's exactly why these membership sites charge a one time fee. They have already done the grunt work for us and weeded out any possible scam sites. Then they compile the ones that are legitimate in their members area.

Paid Membership Sites VS Market Research Companies

We have thoroughly investigated the paid survey membership sites listed below to insure they do provide a high level of service, as well as a 30+ day money back guarantee IF you choose to go that route after reading the rest of this page. We do list multiple research companies (offering free paid surveys) that won't charge you a dime to join.

The membership sites listed below are also constantly updating their members area and adding new listings, while removing the old ones that have gone out of business. They also provide extensive training and support to help you make the most money possible taking these online paid surveys. Some membership sites like Get Cash for Surveys offer exclusive bonuses like an instant $50 cash bonus and more...

These membership-based websites include other ways you can earn money too, besides just taking paid surveys on the Internet. Some of these other ways to make money include getting paid to shop, getting paid to drive your car, eat out at nice restaurants, surf the web, etc...These bonuses alone are well worth the one-time fee they charge for lifetime access to their member's area.

A membership to one of these websites can save you countless hours of research, trial and error. In addition, you won't have to worry about bookmarking and keeping up with hundreds of these "free to join" research sites on your own; that is after you have joined them and taken a risk of being scammed. These membership sites definitely help eliminate that risk and make it easy to login to your member's area and have the most current up to date information and resources available, first hand.

Most memberships include helpful software programs too like Robo Form. Robo Form is an excellent form filling software program you can download and use FREE of charge. This program will help you fill out these online paid surveys quite a bit faster. It can also safely and securely manage the usernames and passwords of all your favorite paid survey websites. This will certainly help you work more efficiently. Remember, time is money! Robo Form has been recommended by Google™ and is a PC Magazine™ "Editor's Choice". They are also a BBB member. I've used it for years now and LOVE IT! You can get more info and download Robo Form free right here.

How Much Can I Expect to be Paid for Taking Surveys?

Dollar Sign

The good news is; the amount you can make with online paid surveys will depend entirely on you and your personal situation. Think about it, you are different from everyone else in the world, correct? Therefore, there isn't another opinion out there entirely like yours, right? That makes your opinion the most HIGHLY VALUED one out there (pertaining to certain things of course). Your opinion may be the only one like it, in some cases. See what I mean?

If you take a $10 dollar survey, they have to pay you $10 by law and by contract. You probably won't earn $25 per survey right away, but after you have established and proven yourself to some of these companies, you will begin earning $25 or more per survey. They need to see that you are an excellent observer, are honest and reliable at taking the survey offers they send you.

Your demographics play a role in this too. Mothers opinions are some of the most highly valued and sought after but in other instances, dads opinions are too. It doesn't matter if you are a mom or a dad; there is a plethora of opportunity for you to get paid to take surveys online.

Should I expect to Earn $1000 Per Month?

Well, yes that is very possible... Online paid surveys that pay $10 each are fairly easy to come by. Doing only 3-4 per day on average would add around $1000 per month to your income. Not bad to simply fill out online surveys from home, right? The awesome part about this is that you could even double that. Keep reading for more info...

There's More Than Just Online Paid Surveys:

yellow ball
Online Companies Will Pay You $3 to $75 for Completing Simple Surveys!
yellow ball
You Can Get Paid to Participate in Focus Groups At $25 to $150 Per Hour!
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You Can Try New Products, Keep The Products for FREE and Get Paid Too!
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Get Paid to Watch Movie Trailers ($4 to $25 Per Hour) and Much More!

Introducing Paid Focus Groups

Focus Groups

Focus groups are groups of people that are assembled by research companies (the same companies offering paid surveys) to discuss a particular product. A TV sit-com, a new Ford™ car, a new electric tooth brush, etc... Most focus groups are assembled in the evening time or on Saturday's. While in a focus group you may be participating in a discussion about a new product as well as how to improve it.

Unlike most paid surveys on the Internet, focus groups can pay anywhere from $50-$150 for about an hour of your time BUT they generally pay $100 or more. You may even be offered to take paid surveys by phone too. I recently took a phone survey for a company and received a $125.00 check for about 30 minutes of my time.

If you took 3-4 $10 surveys per day and participated in 3-4 focus groups per week you could easily earn around $2000 or more per month, which isn't bad at all considering the amount of time you would have invested between the surveys and focus groups.

The easiest way to gain access to these focus groups (in addition to the paid surveys you receive online) is to join all of the free market research companies you can. Makes sense right? If you get a paid membership to one of the paid survey - membership sites below, you will literally have access to hundreds of companies offering focus group opportunities in addition to online paid surveys. This alone is good reason to join one IF you are serious about making this opportunity work for you.

Is it True That Some Companies Will Only Enter Me Into Drawings to Win Cash or Prizes Instead of Paying Me?

Prize Drawings

Yes, a few sites may only enter you in cash or prize drawings for taking certain surveys but this is a good thing. When most people see that there is no cash involved, they usually don't bother taking that particular survey. This makes the odds of winning go way up, making it a whole lot easier for you to win these drawings. This can be HUGE. I have won about $750 so far...

After participating and winning a few drawings, you may only want to take these types of surveys. If you don't like the idea of taking these types of surveys, one way of getting around this is once again, to sign up with as many research companies as you possibly can. This insures you will get a steady flow of online paid surveys.

Recap and Helpful Tips for Maximizing Your Success:

Recap of Paid Purveys

Sign up to as many research companies as you possibly can that offer cash for taking online paid surveys. Once again, this maximizes your chances of getting a steady flow of good cash paying surveys. You should also set up a separate email address to use ONLY for taking surveys. This will keep your work emails separate from your personal emails.

When these companies send you online or phone survey offers, try to fill them out in a timely manner and be as honest as possible. This will help you establish your credibility with the company, insuring you continue to get the highest paid online surveys, phone surveys and focus group opportunities, as they become available.

When you are shopping and using the items you purchase every day, try to be a good observer. Fill out your personal profile thoroughly with all these companies and be as honest and complete as possible. Your profile is what they will use to match you up with these opportunities. Last but not least, be patient, persistent and have fun. You'll be getting paid to take surveys online from home, before you know it.

If you plan on putting a lot of effort into making these surveys really work for you, I do recommend spending the small one-time fee and joining one of these membership sites, over the free sites. This will provide you with the opportunity to receive online paid surveys, participate in focus groups, and teach you how to get paid to shop, eat out, drive your car and much much more. This will also help insure you get a steady flow of online cash paid survey opportunities as quickly as possible.

Paid Membership Survey Sites

Once again, please note that the following online paid survey membership sites do charge a small one-time fee to join. I repeat this because it amazes me how In reality, most people spend more these days on ONE good meal than these three companies charge for their memberships, COMBINED. And this is something that can literally change your life. Please don't be afraid to invest a little in yourself and your families financial future. It may turn out to be the best decision you ever made.

Anyway, I've made sure that all the sites below do include some excellent free bonuses as well as training. Some of their bonuses even consist of way's you can earn from home (other than taking online paid surveys) as mentioned above. Their training and bonuses alone are easily worth the small one-time fee they charge. Please visit each paid survey site below for more information on exactly what they offer, as they do change from time to time. 

It should be noted that there are literally HUNDREDS of these "paid survey sites" on the internet of which many are outright SCAMS. For your convenience, we have taken the guess work out of it for you. The following three companies have a 30 day 100% FREE TRIAL PERIOD and a Money Back Guarantee! If after 30 days you are not completely satisfied, simply email the company and your fee will be completely refunded.

You can even sign up with more than one of the online paid survey companies below to literally have access to THOUSANDS of market research companies (that are ALL free to join). In fact, this is EXACTLY what those that are highly successful at this are doing. Joining MULTIPLE companies at one time will most certainly expand your opportunities to earn cash, in many ways. It's never been this easy to get paid to take surveys online before.

Please keep in mind that some of these paid survey companies' membership levels are reaching a peak and will only offer full lifetime or VIP memberships for a limited period of time. They are dedicated to providing their current members with excellent customer service and once their support teams reach a full load, they will most likely close their doors. This insures a continued high level of customer service to their existing members. Good Luck!

The Following Companies are Available to Worldwide Participants




Get Cash for Surveys red starred starred starred starred star

The 2015 Highest-Rated Paid Survey Membership site. An industry leader - and for good reason... Get Cash for Surveys lists 1000's of free research companies and only the ones that pay the best. They provide a lists of focus groups and they provide tons of free bonuses to include a $50 Cash Bonus. Other's include how you can get paid in other fun ways too (such as shopping, driving your car, and eating out). You can't go wrong with Get Cash for Surveys - They make it simple for you to sit back, relax, and get paid to take surveys online.




Paid Surveys Online red starred starred starred star

This is a fun survey website - loaded with lots of free gifts and bonuses. These guy's are currently advertising a really cool $20 instant paid survey. This alone will almost cover your entire registration fee... This site walks you through the process of taking web-based surveys step-by-step, and makes it easy to get paid good money for taking surveys from the comfort of your own home.




Cash Surveys red starred starred starred star

Rounding out our top 3 is Cash Surveys. They offer solid online paid surveys and like the others listed above, they offer plenty of opportunities to get paid to take surveys online for cash and participate in focus groups. Customer satisfaction with this company is good and their database is refreshed on a frequent basis. And (at the time of writing this) over 1800 people on Facebook liked this site, so please hurry if you're going to join. The VIP memberships are limited and going fast!

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